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What is the Design Crits card?

Improve your designs by gaining different perspectives while increasing collaboration across disciplines.

Design critiques should motivate, not intimidate. They should be something the whole team looks forward to. Be sure to do Retros on your crits sessions regularly to understand how they are working for your team.

How to use the Design Crits card

1. Invite people from different disciplines to gain a wider range of perspectives. Do Productivity Blueprint if you need to consider who.

2. Tell the group what you would like feedback on, and what you would not like feedback on.
For example: improving the sign ups but not colours, logo size, photos.

3. Point out any constraints.
For example: things that can’t be changed like third-party plugins.

4. Show the design.
Show where you are in the process, the business and customer goals, constraints in context and reiterate the goal or objective for the work.

5. Get the feedback.
Ask each person to share one or two bits of feedback. Don’t defend the work, instead use Research Questions to learn.

6. Collect the feedback. Try Agile Comms to share any outcomes.

• Invite as many people as you’d be happy to have at a dinner party. Bigger groups can be hard to manage.
• For larger groups do a silent crit by sharing designs digitally.
• To delve deeper into a problem, pair up in a smaller group of two or three.
• Use your Design Principles to help guide the conversation.
• Consider setting Team Values around feedback.

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