Show Impact

Show Impact - Pip Decks

What is an Show Impact session?

Let your team know the impact they are having.

People naturally need to feel valued; they need to know they are contributing to the overall goals.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker.

How do you run the Show Impact session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. Onboarding Retro

Onboarding Retro - Pip Decks

The feedback loop to improve onboarding over time.

2. Health Monitor

Health Monitor - Pip Decks

Let the team take an honest look in the mirror. Monitor progress over time.

3. Design Maturity

Design Maturity - Pip DecksUnderstand your team’s level and where you want to go.

4. Goal, Signal, Metric

Goal, Signal, Metric - Pip Decks

Let your team know the impact they are having.

5. Attrition Rate

Attrition Rate - Pip Decks

Understand if your people are leaving for the right reasons.

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