Frame the Problem

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What is the Frame the Problem card?

Work out what we are looking to achieve.

Are we certain we are working on the right problem? Do we have all the research we need to understand it fully? Do we all understand the problem the same way? Framing the problem brings clarity that makes taking the correct action easier.

“If I have an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about the solution” ‒ Albert Einstein.

How to use the Frame the Problem card

As a group, discuss and answer these questions:

1. Why are we doing this work? What problem does it solve? What is our motivation?

For example: we want to change how people travel.

2. Who are our users? Who do we think would benefit from using this product or service?

For example: people who have to travel long distances frequently.

3. What outcome will our users get from this service?
What problem will it solve for them?

For example: they will spend less time travelling and arrive fresher.

4. What outcome are we looking for? Will it solve a problem? What will it solve for our organisation?

For example: remove the risk of being stuck in a dwindling market.

5. What are our key metrics? What do we need to measure against these outcomes?

For example: reduction in time travel, income from sales of flying machines.

Tip: constantly refer back to and iterate your answers. Store them in an accessible document. They give clear reasoning and constraints that support prioritisation.

Tip: understanding your stakeholder’s or client’s motivation early is key. How committed to this work and supporting the team are they? Has this work been forced upon them? What outcomes are they seeking?

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