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What is the Team Vision card?

Create a shared vision to inspire and give high-level guidance to your teams.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Your vision should make your team want to get out of bed in the morning.

“The vision is a stake in the sand with a giant flag on it, big enough for everyone on the team to see and march towards.”
- Jared Spool.

How to use the Team Vision card

1. Think about the impact that your team’s work will have on your users’ lives in 12 months’ time. Individually spend time answering these questions:

• By choosing our product/service, our users (people) will have the ability to... (the change)

How will their lives have changed? What will they be able to do that maybe they can’t do now?

• If we achieve the above, how will our users feel? (emotion)

Will they be happy, stress-free or satisfied?

2. Theme Sort your answers and discuss the themes.

3. You should now have the ingredients to write a team vision. Use your elements of emotion, people, and the change to build your vision.

For example, Team Tactics could be:

We bring confidence (emotion) to leaders (people) by creating autonomous, fulfilled and motivated teams (the change).

4. Now say it out loud: does it sound awkward? (Revise it). Memorable? (Good). Like a person would say in a normal conversation? (Perfect).

5. Align your Team Vision with your strategy, objectives and principles using Decision Stack.

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