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What is the Shift Left Lenses card?

Create multi-disciplinary collaboration early to avoid duplication and help your team deliver better quality work.

According to research from IBM, it can cost up to 100 times more to fix bugs after they have gone live. It pays to shift the attention as far left as you can to catch things earlier.

How to use the Shift Left Lenses card

1. After you have done your Productivity Blueprint, you’ll have maps of common work flows.

2. Invite people from all disciplines, (Research, Design, BA, QA, Management, Development etc...).

3. Discuss as a group, using your blueprint map and the prompts to help the conversation:

• What are the common causes of repeat work?

Accessibility not considered? Design build incorrect? Design system not used? Solution seeking rather than problem finding?

• What conversations are missing from the map?

Design/Dev reviews? QA and design? Dev and research?

• Which tasks are people not involved in that they could be?

Design crits? Usability testing? Frontend development?

4. Update the map with the any new tasks, people or tools that you wish to implement. Use Impact Effort Map to decide where to start. Use Who, What, When to capture any actions.

5. Follow up in 3 months with a Retro on the process.

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