How to upload .rtb template files to Miro

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In order to use templates outside of Miroverse, you can download your Miro boards as a backup. The backup is a .rtb file that can then be reuploaded. 

All of our Pip Decks come with Miro templates that are available to download from The Vault. They are an accompaniment to the card deck to help you facilitate workshops remotely.

There are many tools for remote workshop facilitation. It is in our opinion that - at this current moment in time - Miro is the best. We aren't even paid or affiliated to say that! However, there are some downsides - a free Miro account can be quite restricted in the transfer of templates. 

💡 You need a paid Miro account to upload .rtb template files to Miro.

How to upload your Pip Deck .rtb file into Miro

  1. Log in to your Miro Account.

  2. Find the Upload from backup link from the left sidebar, like so:

  3. Click the Upload from backup link.

  4. If you have a paid Miro account, a standard selection window will pop up.

    1. Find the folder in which you keep the Miro .rtb template files you want to upload.

    2. Select the .rtb template file you want to upload.

    3. Press the Open button.

    4. Voila! Your Miro board will automatically load once the upload is successful.

  5. If you have a free Miro account, you will be directed to Miro's plan purchase screen, like so:

    Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, Miro is not planning to enable the upload functionality for free Miro accounts.

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