Stories That Impress

Stories that Impress

What is the Stories that Impress story recipe?

Present your ideas with confidence. Don't bury them under dusty layers of business jargon.

Hook our attention, make your facts flow like a story and master the art of show and tell. You've got an important message: say it with style!

How do you use the Stories that Impress story recipe?

1. Movie Time

Movie Time style story tactic

Make sure you're actually telling a story, not just giving facts and opinions.

2. Five Ts

Five Ts structure story tactic

Get the beats of your story right with a simple structure.

3. Story Hooks

Story Hooks style story tactic

Grab your audience's attention from start to finish.

4. Show and Tell

Show and Tell style story tactic

Don't let your visual presentation bore or confuse people.

5. Cut to the Chase

Cut to the Chase character story tactic

Have a plan in case your presentation falls flat.

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