Stories That Lead

Stories that Lead

What is the Stories that Lead story recipe?

Build a stronger team by learning from each other's stories of struggles, triumphs and setbacks.

Does everyone in your team understand the rules of"how we do things round here"? Does everyone appreciate the experience and wisdom among their colleagues?

Your team culture is too important to leave to chance. Make your team more cohesive and inclusive by sharing stories of what "good" looks like.

How do you use the Stories that Lead story recipe?

1. Curious Tales

Curious Tales concept story tactic

Find out what really makes your team members tick.

2. Man in a Hole

Man in a Hole structure story tactic

Frame the work you're doing together as an epic journey.

3. Emotional Dashboard

Emotional Dashboard explore story tactic

Find stories in the highs and lows of any project.

4. Thoughtful Failures

Thoughtful Failures explore story tactic

Extract the wisdom of mistakes and setbacks after a project.

5. Story Bank

Story Bank organise story tactic

Collect useful stories all the team can learn from.

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