Stories That Sell

Stories that Sell

What is the Stories that Sell story recipe?

Convince people that you can deliver. Stories work better than spreadsheets when it comes to building trust.

Selling is about so much more than price, quality or your "value proposition''. You can't sell without trust. Can we trust you to understand what we need? Can we trust you to deliver on the promise you're making about an uncertain future? Selling is a complex human process. Stories help you reach people and win them over.

How do you use the Stories that Sell story recipe?

1. Audience Profile

Audience Profile organise story tactic

Who is your audience? What kind of problems are you solving for them?

2. Simple Sales Stories

Simple Sales Stories function story tactic

Show how you've helped someone they can relate to.

3. Social Proof

Social Proof explore story tactic

Look for trends, prototypes or testimonials that will strengthen your case.

4. Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches structure story tactic

Try an optimistic story structure, with your customer at its heart.

5. Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect function story tactic

Boil it down to an elevator pitch.

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