Story-ish Conversations

Story-ish Conversations

What is the Story-ish Conversations story tactic?

Find the insights buried beneath everyday conversations with your colleagues, customers or users.

You don't need a captive audience or PowerPoint slides to tell a story. Make stories part of your daily conversation. Next time you feel a discussion or meeting is going nowhere, try to make it more story-ish by teasing out new information about people and change. What happens when you are the most story-ish person in the room?

Try this tactic after a session developing your Audience Profile.

How to use the Story-ish Conversations story tactic

  1. Find the vivid moments you need to create a visual story:

    • That's an interesting idea, what might it look like in action?

    • Is there an example of how this has worked in the past?

    • Go deeper, with Movie Time

  2. If the conversation is still vague and abstract, get right down into the who, what, where and when:

    • Where were you when this happened? Who else was there?

    • What happened next? And then?

    • Go deeper with Story Listening

  3. Look for the emotion within the story:

    • What's the strongest feeling you remember from that time?

    • How did you feel in the beginning and by the end?

    • Go deeper with Emotional Dashboard

  4. Find the inevitable conflicts that make a good story tick:

    • Who did you need to win over (or work around)?

    • How did you resolve this conflict?

    • Go deeper with Three Great Conflicts

  5. Finally, all stories are about change and new information:

    • What happened that forced you to change?

    • When did you realise you'd found something new?

    • Go deeper with Five Ts

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