What’s My Motivation?

What’s My Motivation

What is the What’s My Motivation story tactic?

How will your user or customer respond to your idea? It helps if you know what's driving them.

When we want to achieve anything, we need other people's help. So we're constantly trying to figure out what people want and-as a result-how they might respond to us. This is why actors ask "what's my motivation?" when they take on a character in a story. Understanding your user's motivations will help you too.

Tip: If you're not sure whose motivation you're investigating, use Audience Profile.

How to use the What’s My Motivation story tactic

  1. Make a list of the key "actors" in your project. This could include the client, a range of users or stakeholders.

  2. Now apply the Method Acting approach pioneered by Konstantin Stanislavski to each character separately.

    • Who am I?

    • Where am I?

    • When is it?

    • What do I want?

    • Why do I want it?

    • How will I get it?

    • What must I overcome to get it?

  3. As a final stage, draw connections between your key actors with two headings for each connection:

  4. Use Good & Evil to explore different ways your actors might co-operate or clash with each other.

    • Co-operation: why might one actor help another reach their goal?

    • Conflict: why might one actor hinder another?

Develop a story of what motivates you, your team or your user. Show how you can overcome barriers with No Easy Way.

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