Who, What, When

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What is the Who, What, When card?

Leave a session with a clear plan of goals and deadlines.

Leave the room knowing who’s committing to what, and by when. Encouraging the group to define their own actions and deadlines creates accountability, which means it’s more likely to get done!

How to use the Who, What, When card

1. Draw three columns on a large surface, preferably a whiteboard. From left to right, write “Who”, “What” and “When” at the top of each column.

2. Starting with the “Who” column, write down the participants who will be taking an action.

3. Ask each participant what actual steps they can commit to. Write these in the “What” column.

Fun fact: people are more likely to commit to actions when they are declared in front of a group.

4. For each row, ask that person for a time and date they will have that item done by, and write it in its respective row. “Next week” is too vague, and doesn’t create concrete commitment.

5. At this point, there might be a lot to do. Encourage those who have not contributed so far to either come up with an action, or assist another person.


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