Big, Small, Inside, Outside

Big, Small, Inside, Outside

What is the Big, Small, Inside, Outside story tactic?

You might have a Big Story to tell the world. But you'll spend more time telling small stories to colleagues.

Big stories: rehearsed explanations of"why we do this" or "what's coming next," usually delivered one-to-many.

Small stories: spontaneous examples of"how we do things round here," usually told in conversation.

Inside: you tell to people you work with.

Outside: you tell to everyone else.

Try this alongside Audience Profile to start planning your stories.

How to use the Big, Small, Inside, Outside story tactic

Big, Small, Inside, Outside chart

Small Story, Inside:

Small Story, Outside:

  • Blog / Social: What's It About? gives you small, practical examples of what you do.
  • Brand: Hero & Guide stories bring your brand values to life.

Big Story, Inside:

Big Story,Outside:

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