Hero and Guide

Hero and Guide

What is the Hero & Guide story tactic?

Stop talking about yourself. Make your user the Hero of your story. You play a supporting role: the Expert Guide.

For every Luke, there's a Yoda. And as the little green fella might say "Hero of every story not you are." Tell us what your Hero is trying to achieve. Then show us how you guide them on their journey and what special gift you offer them along the way.

Try this tactic after a session with Three Great Conflicts.

How to use the Hero & Guide story tactic

Get a fresh perspective on your user's journey and how they might respond to your ideas.

1. Map your user's journey: where are they now? What is their problem? Where do they want to be?

2. Where do you come in to their journey as an Expert Guide?

Hero and Guide chart

3. Use the story arc cards: Rags to Riches, Man in a Hole or No Easy Way.

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