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Hero and Guide

From Episode 7 of the weekly Storyteller Tactics episodes

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What is the Hero and Guide story tactic?

For every Luke, there's a Yoda. And as the little green fella might say "Hero of every story not you are."

Stop talking about yourself. Make your user the Hero of your story. You play a supporting role: the Guide. What is your Hero trying to achieve? How will you guide them on their journey? What's your call to adventure? What special gift do you give to help your Hero?

Try this tactic after a session with Three Great Conflicts

How to use the Hero and Guide story tactic

1. Set out a timeline or user journey, showing where you want your user to move - from problem to solution.

2. Now think where you join them as Guide. How do you call your Hero to act? What special gift might help them reach their goal?

Try the four most common Guide archetypes that innovators use. You can try eight others in the Circle of Life tactic.

The Explorer

  • Your Values: seeking out new lands
  • Call to Your Hero: "get out of your comfort zone"
  • Gift to Your Hero: eg; map or compass 

The Rebel

  • Your Values: disruption, radical change
  • Call to Your Hero: "break the rules"
  • Gift to Your Hero: eg; Get Out of Jail Free card, lockpick

The Sage

  • Your Values: wisdom, understanding
  • Call to Your Hero: "educate yourself"
  • Gift to Your Hero: eg; encyclopaedia

The Muse

  • Your Values: creativity, imagination
  • Call to Your Hero: "express yourself"
  • Gift to Your Hero: eg; artist's palette

3. Go back to your user timeline. How many places can you play a part in your Hero's journey. 

Now use the Story Arc cards - Rags to Riches [coming soon], Man in a Hole or No Easy Way [coming soon] - to develop this into an epic story.

🤔 Confused? Enlightened?

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- Charles & Steve.

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