Invaluable Inputs

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What is the Invaluable Inputs card?

Gather information that will help you generate
high-value ideas.

Starting with rich insights and a sense of direction, you’ll find it much easier to consistently do your best creative work.

How to use the Invaluable Inputs card

Good ideas flow from rich research

Many people expect research to tell them what to do. That’s a mistake.

Research should help you update your model of the world. The most useful research for creative purposes is research that surprises you, forcing you to look at something differently. That new perspective is your creative fuel.

If you’re not involved in research, make friends with the people who are. Draw Your Job is a great activity for building understanding and empathy with each other.

A clear vision will inspire and guide your ideas

Generating bold ideas is much easier when you have a clear vision. A vision helps you prioritise too.

The best organisations know what they stand for. The best products have a clear point of view. The most effective people have their own motivating “why?”.

Knowing these things (and making them visible) will help drive creativity in a focussed direction. And a clear vision will help you decide what not to do, too.

You can use Fantasies of the Future to explore and articulate your own long-term vision if a compelling one doesn’t already exist.

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