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How to use the Objectives and Key Results card?

Create radical focus for your team by agreeing on an objective and actively measuring progress towards it.

The problem with most goals is that distractions get in the way of achieving them. The OKR framework is designed to give you “radical focus” on achieving an objective. It can be used personally, within a team, or at an organisational level.

How to use the Objectives and Key Results card

1. Before the meeting, invite everyone to submit their top objective for the team to achieve in the next quarter. An objective is a qualitative and aspirational ‘end-state’.

For example: ‘Save the design team as much time as possible’.

2. Put each objective on a sticky note, put them up on a wall and then Theme Sort.

3. Debate and use Private Vote to find your primary objectives.

4. List as many metrics as you can in 10 minutes. They should show you’re closer to achieving the objective.

For example: number of time-wasting tasks found, hours saved, designers spoken to.

5. Use Theme Sort and Private Vote to group and decide on three metrics.

6. Turn your three metrics into Key Results by setting specific, quantitative targets.

For example: ‘Save x hours a month, interview x different designers’.

7. Agree on specific numbers for each Key Result. You should feel like you have a fifty-fifty chance of achieving each one in the next quarter.

For example: ‘Save 40 hours per month (5/10)’.

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