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What is the Prep like a Pro card?

Maximise your chances of coming up with fresh, relevant, effective ideas.

Before you get playful, it’s worth taking some time
to plan. This card helps you decide who to involve and how to get them ready for a successful creative session.

How to use the Prep like a Pro card

Getting people ready

As you get ready to journey through a new creative mindspace together, it’s helpful to give people a chance to check-in;

Frame your challenge before you next gather together.

You can also ask individuals to complete Explore tactics like Combinaboards and Fame vs Shame before a workshop – that way they’ll already be immersed in the challenge when it’s time to come up with ideas.

Who to involve

Is my group diverse enough?

We fetishise being “on the same page” in business, but idea generation often benefits from mixing diverse perspectives together; beware of only collaborating with people who think like you. Aim to mix people with different frames of expertise, different backgrounds, and different thinking styles.

Is my group too big?

The bigger the group, the more risk of gravitating to a reasonably “safe” consensus (not to mention the pains of finding a time everyone can make). Research has shown that smaller “deviant” groups can be more effective at radical thinking. Try collaborating with no more than three other people on a recipe like Be Distinctive to get a feel for these dynamics yourself. In all situations, be intentional about who you involve.

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