Simple Sales Stories

Simple Sales Stories

What is the Simple Sales Stories story tactic?

Convince new customers to buy into your idea by telling stories about existing customers or users.

"Someone like you buys this product." Or... "Someone you like buys this product. "These simple stories work because we're constantly monitoring other people, looking for wisdom in the crowd. Plus, other people are acting as beta- testers of new products, lowering the risk for us.

Try this tactic after developing an Audience Profile and alongside Social Proof.

How to use the Simple Sales Stories story tactic

  1. "Someone like you buys this product."

    Moral of the story: "we've solved their problem, we can solve yours too."

    • Who are we trying to sell to?

    • Who have we already helped who is like them? If not a similar customer, what about a similar sector or market? Maybe we've solved a similar problem.

    • Which previous customers can we ask for a testimonial?

  2. "Someone you like buys this product.":

    Moral of the story: "you value this person's opinion. They trust us. Maybe you should too."

    • Who are we trying to sell to?

    • Who are they influenced by?

    • Why do those people trust us?
      (check out Trust Me, I'm an Expert)

  3. Old, Regular and Tricky Customers

    Moral of the story: "these guys like us, we must be doing something right".

    • Old customer: "we sold one to this guy 10 years ago, and it still works.

    • Regular customer: "she bought one, then came back for more."

    • Tricky customer: "they complained, but we put it right."

Now, develop a sales story presentation with No Easy Way or Pitch Perfect.

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