Stories That Explain

Stories that Explain

What is the Stories that Explain story recipe?

Bring your strategy to life. Show why those abstract statements matter in the real world.

How many people understand the strategic direction of their organisation? How many care? Most strategy documents sit on the digital equivalent of a dusty shelf But your strategy is actually an attempt to bring clarity to chaos, to choose your path through a changing world. That sounds like a great story, waiting to be told.

How do you use the Stories that Explain story recipe?

1. Order & Chaos

Order & Chaos concept story tactic

Where do you stand in an ever-changing world?

2. Good & Evil

Good & Evil concept story tactic

Which side do you take in the important battles?

3. What's It About?

What's It About? character story tactic

Why does this strategy matter to your colleagues?

4. Rolls Royce Moment

Rolls Royce Moment style story tactic

Help us see your strategy in action.

5. Story Hooks

Story Hooks style story tactic

Make your strategy sound interesting enough to actually read.

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